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The MoneySaver Podcast

The MoneySaver Podcast

Toronto Star journalist Ellen Roseman, and Canadian MoneySaver Editor in Chief Lana Sanichar interview leaders in personal finance and investing, as well as top bloggers, authors and entrepreneurs.  The goal is to help you save money and increase your assets. Learn how to make smart choices at every stage of your life, safeguard your interests and protect yourself from poor advice.   Sponsored by Canadian MoneySaver Magazine. The views and opinions expressed by the Guests are theirs alone and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Ellen Roseman, Lana Sanichar, Canadian MoneySaver Magazine or the MoneySaver Podcast. Follow us on Twitter @lana_sanichar, @ellenroseman, @cdnmoneysaver




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October 2019

Expert Women's Panel on Women and Investing

The MoneySaver Podcast Women and InvestingIn this episode of the MoneySaver Podcast, Ellen Roseman, Rita Sylvan, Barbara Stewart, Paulette Filion and Judy Paradis discuss the need for women to finance their longer lifespans, the problems women have finding a financial advisor they can trust and the types of products and services that suit women investors, are women risk adverse or risk aware, confidence - perception that they don't have enough money even if they do, the financial realities of being a woman among other topics.

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September 2019

Say Good-bye to Paying High Investment Fees


Dale RobertsIn the 23rd edition of the MoneySaver Podcast, Ellen Roseman chats with Dale Roberts, blogger behind the Cut The Crap Investing!  In this episode we chat about robo-advisors, all-in-one ETF portfolios and Dale gives us his three best money tips that he has found useful in his life.


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June 2019

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) - What You Need to Know

The MoneySaver Podcast with Dan BortolottiIn episode #22 of the MoneySaver Podcast, we chat with Dan Bortolotti, blogger, financial planner and podcast host of the Canadian Couch Potato about exchange traded funds (ETFs), index investing, passive vs active investing and all-in-one ETFs.


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May 2019

A Successful Personal Finance Blogger and His Quest for Freedom 45.

The MoneySaver Podcast


We chat with Robb Engen, blogger, journalist and consumer advocate.  We talk about how he (along with his mother) co-founded the long-standing blog Boomer and Echo, how he came to be a consumer advocate, how he hopes to reach financial independence by age 45 and he gives his best three financial tips.

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Five Simple Personal Finance Rules with Preet Banerjee

The MoneySaver Podcast and Preet Banerjee


 Ellen Roseman chats with Preet Banerjee, media personality, speaker, author and podcaster about his five personal finance tips that he lays out in his book "Stop Over Thinking Your Money" as well as renting vs. buying, his former career as an advisor and "MoneyGaps." 

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April 2019

Protecting Seniors from Financial Abuse

The MoneySaver Podcast and Laura Tamblyn Watts

In the 19th edition of The MoneySaver Podcast, we talk to elder law specialist Laura Tamblyn Watts on how to protect seniors from financial abuse, including scams and advice on aging gracefully.


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Sustainable Investing - Investing With Your Values In Mind

The MoneySaver Podcast and Tim Nash



In this episode of The MoneySaver Podcast, Ellen Roseman chats with Tim Nash about sustainable investing for those investors who want to align their investing style with their values.

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March 2019

How to Rock Your RRSP! with Bruce Sellery

The MoneySaver Podcast with Bruce Sellery


Ellen chats with Bruce Sellery, speaker, television personality, personal finance expert and author of "The Moolala Guide to Rockin' Your RRSP".  We chat about RRSPs, TFSAs, ignoring the noise and saving for retirement.

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More Money Won't Make You Happier

The MoneySaver Podcast with Melissa Leong

We chat with Melissa Leong, author of "Happy Go Money", social media and television personality, in the 16th episode of the MoneySaver Podcast.  She talks about how more money won't make you happier and that you should be happy with the money that you have. She also explains what the hedonic treadmill is and how spending money on "experiences" instead of "stuff"  will allow you to be happier.

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 Financial Independence Early Retirement or F.I.R.E.

The MoneySaver Podcast with Bob Lai


The the 15th episode of the MoneySaver Podcast, we talk to Bob Lai, the blogger behind tawcan.com on the Financial Independence Retire Early or F.I.R.E. He dispels myths to describe how to quit the daily grind and live life (and retirement) the way you want to.

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