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Making Ends Meet During Covid-19.

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The MoneySaver Podcast with Stephen Weyman


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Getting to Know Stephen Weyman

The MoneySaver Podcast with Stephen WeymanStephen Weyman is dedicated to helping Canadians spend less while getting more for their hard-earned money. Founding the personal finance blog HowToSaveMoney.ca in 2010, Weyman is now also the CEO of creditcardGenius – a purely math-based credit card comparison site that ranks over 178 cards based on 126+ features.








Getting to Know Stephen Weyman:

1:21: Tell us a little about payment deferrals, which some of the banks are allowing, on various financial products like credit cards, mortgages, loans and more.


3:41: Are financial institutions doing this on a case-by-case basis?


4:23: Can you explain how deferral works?


6:09: What do you think about deferring credit card payments if you’re eligible for that deferral?


7:41: What kind of advice would you give for someone to get through this difficult financial period without impacting your credit score and your financial future?


17:28: Here’s a common question: I need money right now and retirement is years away. Should I take money out of my RRSP or TFSA?


21:40: How do you ensure that you do not impact your credit score?


25:14: What are your tips on making sure taking care of your finances is on your to-do list.


26:54: Do you think that we will continue to cutback on discretionary spending once we are back to normal?


28:35: What are you three best tips to manage and save money?


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