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Ellen roseman speaks to Barbara Stewart, Chartered Financial Analyst and Research, about post-pandemic non-retirement as well as her Rich Thinking research on women and money and how women are re-inventing themselves as relating to employment, post-pandemic. She also discusses her five post pandemic financial planning retirement tips.

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Ellen Roseman speaks with Tim Hewson from about why everyone needs a will and the problems that are created when there isn't one upon death!  They also talk about reasons that people give why they haven't yet gotten one and tips and tricks when you do decide to get a will. 

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Last year I was commissioned by a Canadian investment bank to write a research report based on interviews with 35 entrepreneurs from diverse companies across Canada. These founders generously shared their top tips and recommended reading with me.

10 Tips

1. Treat your customers the way you would like to be treated.

“My dad taught me the age-old principle that if you want to get a customer and keep a customer, ‘say what you do and do what you say.’ If you do that people will respect you. It’s all about respect, trust and delivering on promises. These values and rules aren’t new, but they work.” Ed Alfke, CEO & Chairman, Radicle, Calgary, Alberta.

2. Invest time in yourself.

“I’m a big believer in daily exercise and feel strongly that it builds self-confidence and high energy levels… important ingredients for entrepreneurs.” Chris Dobbin, Founding

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The Internet Era and Financial Information

Finance has always been a respectable career due to its contribution not only to people's retirement plans, but it also facilitates companies’ ability to raise capital to create jobs and improve society. Investing knowledge was often thought to be acquired only by professionals who graduated with prestigious college degrees from elite institutions, however, that perception is no longer true.

In recent years, accessing information is no longer a competitive advantage. Far gone are the days when investors had to email the authorities and wait two weeks until they can receive a company’s quarterly earnings or annual reports. Nowadays, investors just need to go to popular websites, such as SEC or SEDAR filings to instantly acquire original information at a cost of almost zero. In fact, financial information has been democratized not only in terms of cost but also its timeliness and ubiquity. For exam