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Thumbnail for How Do Successful Women Invest in Themselves?

Last year, I interviewed 52 outstanding men and women from around the world for my research paper How smart women and men invest in themselves released on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2023. I’ll share 10 ways that successful women invest in themselves:


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On average, Canadian graduates with a bachelor’s degree owe $28,000 in student debt. Although the government provides different student loan forgiveness programs, they aren’t readily available or enough to help graduates break free from steep loan burdens.

Thumbnail for Three timeless personal finance and investing concepts

When it comes to investing and personal finance, there are a lot of sayings and rules of thumb that are out there. Some of these can be great guideposts while others may be less helpful. We wanted to highlight three common phrases/concepts that we view as timeless in the investing and personal finance world.

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Lease, Finance, or Cash Purchase: Which is the Right Option?

When the time comes to purchase a new vehicle, there are so many questions that individuals face: should I buy new or used, from a dealership or online, lease, finance, or buy with cash? While the numerous questions can be overwhelming, in this article, we aim to tackle the age-old question of whether you should lease, finance, or outright purchase a vehicle.