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Tips and Tricks for Saving Your Money

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Getting to Know Gordon Stein

Gordon Stein

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Gordon is a keynote speaker and author of theThe Cashflow Cookbook Cashflow Cookbook.  - A unique personal finance book that offers an approach to help readers add millions of net worth with minimal effort and sacrifice.






Questions Asked:

0:55 How much was your mother an influence on you and your personal finance book, The Cashflow Cookbook?

3:01 Tell me about the car wash experience and how that got you started on writing The Cashflow Cookbook.

5:27 When the book came out, and you talked about how if you take all your savings and invest them at 7%, you can end up with a great deal of money. Is 7% still realistic these days?

8:09 Your personal finance cookbook is such an original idea. Tell us a little bit about the book. How do you account for the books success?

10:25 Was it your intention to offer the digital version of the Cashflow Cookbook for $0 through Amazon’s paid subscription?

13:00 In many chapters you start out with a short story with characters and then you talk about the ingredients and then it’s full of tips.

15:21 There is a chapter with many tips about how to save on cell phone service. Is that one of your more popular chapters?

19:20 Do you follow your own tips? Have you been frugal from a very early age?

24:00 Which chapters really struck you when you were researching for the Cashflow Cookbook?

26:30 What is the address for your blog?

30:19 So you believe in doing your net worth calculation frequently?

33:23 What have been your most popular financial tips chapter?

35:49 Did you write the book yourself or did you have help?

37:51 You have about 12 unique categories. Who is the book for?

39:27 What are your three best money tips?


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