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Protecting Seniors from Financial Abuse

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Questions Asked:

1:20  Tell us about a report that you did about vulnerable investors.  Who are they? How should they be protected?

 3:45  One of your key recommendations was for a financial advisor to have the name of a trusted contact to work with them in the event of the client being under undue influence or are  not capable of making responsible decisions. Tell us about that.


5:30  In your work, do you see a lot of people who are subject to abuse by family members or strangers or are being taken advantage of?

11:25  How do you get the banking industry to at least flash some concerns to help protect vulnerable citizens?


17:20  How do you reach older adults who aren’t great candidates for online education since many government services aren’t publishing in paper any longer?


25:50  Do you think that it’s difficult to get this kind of protective campaign accepted by a government if it’s run by much more laissez faire-type individuals?


30:19  Give us some of the stats on seniors in Canada and the growing influence of older people on the population.


32:42  What are your three best tips around senior protection?


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