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A Successful Personal Finance Blogger and His Quest for Freedom 45.

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 MoneySaver Podcast with Robb EngenBlogger, Journalst, Toronto Star Columnist and Consumer Advocate. Get to Know Robb Engen here!






Questions Asked:

1:04  You’ve been blogging since 2010.  Can you tell us a little bit of the evolution of your blog Boomer and Echo?  Boomer being your mom and you, Echo.


3:26  How widely read is your blog Boomer and Echo?


4:04  Are you still on track for Freedom 45? Or retirement at age 45?


4:53  Is your wife still home with the kids or do you have another income as well?


5:20  I’ve always admired your ability to manage a full time job and your online presence. 


6:18  How many blog posts to write on a weekly basis?


6:48  I found this fascinating article about how you turned the blog into a profitable business.  Tell us a little more about this.


8:43  What are the main qualities needed to begin blogging as a side-hustle?


10:30  You and I have collaborated on consumer issues before.  What makes you a consumer advocate?


13:43 You decided to start a financial planning practice but without conflicts.


14:50  Can you tell us more about the article that you wrote for The Toronto Star entitled How to make your own financial plan in Eight Easy Steps. 


16:38  Tell me a little more about the eight steps that you identify in the article with the first step step being identify your goals.


 19:32  You’ve identified your goal.  What are the next steps when you’re creating your financial plan?


22:00  At what point does investing come into play?  Do you begin allocating money towards investments or do you pay off debt first?  Or do you do both simultaneously?


24:19  When does creating an investment policy come into play?


28:31  One of the articles that you’re quite well known for was when you changed your investing style.  Are you still following this investing style?


31:15   Now you wouldn’t recommend this to everyone right?  Is there a reason why you don’t have any bonds or fixed income?


33:14  We ask all of our guest for their best three tips for retirement or how to start getting that financial plan in place.


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