Advertising Policy

Advertising Disclosure

In order to operate, grow, and continue to provide readers with educational and value-added personal finance content, Canadian MoneySaver may generate revenues from ads, sponsorships, and/or lead generation and affiliate marketing.

We may sell ads both online and in print in the form of sponsored content, banners, or videos. While most ads or sponsorships should be obvious, we will ensure that sponsored content is clearly marked as such within the applicable piece of content.

For lead generation and affiliate marketing, some of our content may link to or promote an advertiser’s website where a reader can learn more about a product/service and potentially purchase a product, at which point Canadian MoneySaver can receive revenue from the advertiser for making the referral. This revenue is paid for by the advertiser and is not paid by the reader. Wherever there is an affiliate link within content, we will include an asterisk “*” and at the bottom of the content have the following wording:

“The offer below is part of a lead generation partnership with Canadian MoneySaver, for which we may receive a commission. Thank you for continuing to support our work."

We do our best to ensure that these links are relevant to the reader and might be a service/product that can be of value to the reader.

Any scenarios where an advertiser influences the content itself, these will be marked as sponsored content in the article, where applicable.