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Ken Kivenko

Ken Kivenko

Since 2001 Ken has been president and CEO of Kenmar, a company providing consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises regarding strategic planning and financing. The company also acts as an investor advocate assisting investors who have been wronged. Some of Ken’s acheivements at Kenmar include:

  • Assisting companies in developing corporate governance procedures,
  • Writing research papers on investing including investor psychology and portfolio risk management, and
  • Assisting wronged investors successfully file complaints and damage claims.

Ken has been successfully investing for over 30 years in stocks , bonds, convertibles, and mutual funds. He has given papers at various conferences; subjects include corporate/fund governance, investing principles, inventory management, customer satisfaction, investment metrics and risk mitigation. As an investor advocate, he has written and widely distributed papers on investment issues and corporate governance. He is chairman of the Advisory Committee for the Small Investor Protection Association. He has made presentations and provided submissions to the OSC ,CSA, Joint Forum, IOSCO, IDA and The Wise Persons Committee.

Ken has a bachelor of science in engineering electronics and a diploma in management from McGill University. He also has a Canadian Securities Course Certificate from the Canadian Securities Institute.

Ken has previously held positions as president and CEO of NBS Technologies (1995 to 2000), Canadian Marconi Company (1994-1995), AlliedSignal Canada Inc. (1989-1994), and Bendix Avelex Inc. (1984-1989). Prior to this, he worked for Canadian Marconi Company (1966-1984), first as a senior quality engineer and later as vice-president.

Ken Kivenko, PEng
President , Kenmar
Etobicoke, Ontario
(416) 244-5803


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