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In this episode, Ellen Roseman speaks with Larry Bates, author of the book Beat The Bank: The Canadian Guide to Simply Successful Investing. They talk about banks, advisors, low-cost investing, fees and retirement.

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By Ellen Roseman


Telecom woes are a staple of my life – the filling in the sandwich – as a consumer advocacy journalist. I started my On Your Side blog with a post called Bell Blues, which is still current more than a decade later.

Some common themes emerged when I asked Toronto Star readers if Bell’s service was improving:


        • Bell needs an ombudsman or a central point of contact for complaints.
        • It’s hard to speak to a supervisor or get the names of anyone in authority. 
        • Many customers can’t communicate well with staff in overseas call centres. 
        • Some call centre staff reps are courteous and patient, but others are arrogant, insensitive to customers’ time constraints and just
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Ellen Roseman speaks with Erica Alini, author of the personal finance book for millennials "Money Like You Mean It."  They talk about what personal finance means to millennials and the challenges that they and Gen Z face.

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In this episode, Ellen Roseman talks to Andrew Hallam about his new book 'Balance". They discuss FOMO or fear of missing out, opportunity costs and mindfullness and how these all relate to life satisfaction

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Ellen Roseman chats with Dan Bortolotti, Certified Financial Planner, Portfolio Manager and author of Reboot Your Portfolio, Nine Steps to Successful Investing with ETFs about investing, mutual funds, ETFs, stock markets and his best tips.

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Ellen Roseman speaks with Elizabeth Robinson from ABC Life Literacy Canada about the state of numeracy and financial literacy in Canada. They also talk about websites and services such as the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) and ABC Skills Hub.