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Our Money Stories And How They Affect Our Finances

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Getting to Know Shaun Maslyk:

Shawn MaslykFBS ®, CFP®, B.Comm, CIP, Financial Wellness Advocate | Podcaster | Business Owner | Family Man

Now, I deeply believe the key to having a healthy relationship with money is rooted in our own psychology. And by identifying our money stories and money beliefs that unconsciously impact how we think, act and feel towards money – we can start to gain control over our money relationships. When we understand our money relationships and what’s important, our entire money framework changes in a healthy manner where we can experience financial independence.  (maybe all from my conference)

I am on a mission to educate and empower people to live their happiest and most fulfilled lives. So that they don’t see six or eight or ten years pass by in a blink.

For me, financial literacy is not about becoming rich: it’s about living our most enriched lives.

Questions Asked:

0:54 What does the F stand for in your podcast name The Most Hated F Word

1:35 Let’s hear your money story.

5:47 You became so obsessed with saving money that you didn’t pay your bills on time just so that you didn’t see your bank account deplete.

10:50 Can you tell us a little bit about your family story? Your great grandfather was an immigrant from Ukraine and he came to Alberta to get land.

12:47 You talk about how you were so frugal that you would not buy anything unless it was on sale even if the clothing didn’t fit you.

16:49 How did you start to change your mind-set about money?

20:34 One of the things you talk about in your podcast that because money we hate thinking about our finances, we rarely talk about it either.

25:54 How would people go about unearthing their stories?

32:05 We all kind of look down on people who use money as therapy…like retail therapy.  But we applaud savers.  It’s hard for savers to see that something is wrong.

35:40 Are already starting to think about how to educate your young children about money?



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