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Rino Racanelli

Rino Racanelli

After graduating form the University of Toronto in 1992, Rino began a career as an insurance advisor with London Life Insurance Company.
During his 10 years with the company Rino was the recipient of several sales awards including: 
The Multi Million Dollar Club, Century Sales Club, Top Producers Club, and the prestige Agency Builder Award.
His educational background also includes, graduate of:
Seneca College, The Canadian Securities Course, The Canadian Investment Funds Course, and The Life Underwriters Association training Course.
Rino left London Life in 2003 to start his own business, www.BackToBackAnnuities.com, a company specializing in unique investment strategies using insurance.
Rino is a sought after personal finance speaker, and has delivered over 100 insurance related seminars across the province of Ontario.
Rino Rancanelli
Independent Insurance Advisor
Oakville, ON
(416) 880-8552



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