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An overview of some of the more interesting economic charts from our latest Chart Attack report. 

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The TSX index was up some 3.3 % in December recovering from the onset of the Omicron virus due to strength in the Financials, Materials and Real Estate Sectors. Strong employment numbers and high commodity prices contributed to this result. Below we discuss the top and bottom-performing ETFs in Canada for the month of December. The table of the top and bottom three performing ETFs can be seen below:


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A comprehensive guide to kick start your investment journey!

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The the 15th episode of the MoneySaver Podcast, we talk to Bob Lai, the blogger behind on the Financial Independence Retire Early or F.I.R.E. He dispels myths to describe how to quit the daily grind and live life (and retirement) the way you want to.


In the second episode of the MoneySaver Podcast, we talk to Peter Hodson, founder and Head of Research at 5i He talks about what the fund industry doesn't want us to know.

Live Q&A Webinar with Peter Hodson

As you may already know, Peter is the owner of Canadian MoneySaver Magazine, and 5i Research. Join us for a free webinar where you will have the chance to ask him your most pressing investment questions.

The webinar will be tomorrow on Wednesday August 9, 2017 at 11am ET. Click here to learn more about it and sign-up.


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