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Divorce - Getting Your Finances in Order when Considering Divorce

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Getting to know Stella Papadopolous

The MoneySaver Podcast with Stella PapadopoulosI’m Stella Papadopoulos, an artist, writer and author of I’m Getting Divorced Where Do I Start? After my late-life divorce, I had to change my vision of my future, and those new beginnings taught me about women's empowerment. This became the springboard for my best, most awesome life yet - where I wrote my guided journal on divorce to help others through the same process.  It’s never too late and you’re not too old to follow your bliss!




Questions Asked:

2:05 Stella, tell us where you got the idea to write a journal entitled I’m Getting Divorced Where Do I Start?and how this reflects your personal journey.

3:16 You created this journal because you felt that there was nothing like it on the market.

3:44 Why did you address it just to women? Don’t men experience a lot of trauma at the end of a marriage?

4:33 When researching this journal, you found that men aren’t as affected by divorce like women are. Why is this?

5:46 Women often don’t know where all the assets are upon divorce. Did you meet women like this in your research?

7:11 Going through a divorce forces both spouses to organize their money. Your book has a chapter that addresses this.

10:45 What should you think about when you’re in the process of trying to find a lawyer?

12:36 Do you have any preference for female vs male lawyers?

14:29 You mentioned a book called “Runaway Husbands.”

15:05 In most cases, there are likely usual long conversations between spouses before they decide to divorce.

15:20 I like how you referred to the person in the journal as a hero instead of blaming themselves about either the marriage breaking down or the making of bad decisions along the way.

16:22 There’s something called the status quo bias in personal finance. It takes a lot of effort to move from comfort to an unknown future.

17:26 How long does the process usually last from start to finish?

18:40 What are some of the actions that must be taken when getting started on your divorce journey?

19:55 So for you, the crucial question was “how do you want to live?”

21:40 You talk about how easy it is for a woman to become an entrepreneur. Can you tell us about your ETSY store and about how you got this book to market?

27:54 What are your three best tips regarding this business of getting a divorce?



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