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Norm Rothery

Norm Rothery

Norm is the founder of StingyInvestor.com and publishes a variety of investment newsletters including The Rothery Report. In addition, he has contributed to several best-selling books on personal finance.

Norm was the chief investment strategist at Dan Hallett and Associates Inc. He provided financial planning services to a select group of clients on a fee-for-service basis.

Previously, Norm worked as FundMonitor.com's chief investment strategist and eventually took on the title of chief technology officer.

Norm obtained his doctorate in high-precision atomic physics from York University where he also holds undergraduate degrees in physics and applied mathematics.

Norm Rothery, PhD, CFA,
Founder of StingyInvestor.com,
Publisher, The Rothery Report,
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 243-9580


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