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Women and Wealth

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Getting to Know Kelley Keehn

Kelley Keehn, Rich Girl Broke GirlKelley Keehn is a Best-selling, award winning author, Personal Finance Educator, Speaker & Spokesperson, Media Personality, Consumer Advocate and Founder, Women Claiming Weal






Questions Asked: 

1:57 You talk about the fact that in writing this book you pivoted from making Canadians comfortable with their money to a new mission, for women to claim their wealth.

2:20 In the first chapter, you talk about somebody called Mac.  Who is kind of clued out.  She spends a lot of money but doesn’t know where it’s going. She doesn’t seem to want to learn and eventually ends up with financial problems and ends up taking out a PayDay Loan.  Is this where we should start the conversation? Financial literacy.

8:15 You talk about your mother. You were very close to her. She was a role model for you.  You say that she always had flowers even though money was stretched. She felt that she had a few small pleasures to keep going.

10:30 What made you decide to focus on women claiming their wealth?

11:53 Another chapter that I really liked, she lived with her girlfriend who wasn’t working and when they broke up, the girlfriend sued her for ownership of the car and half the condo. Common-law agreements are important. 

15:01 You also talk about a woman who declared bankruptcy twice, once when she was 35 and then again after she had met someone who was a spender.  Repeat bankruptcies is not uncommon.

17:58 You also have a story about running your own business!  You really go into all of the steps that you need to prepare in order to open a business.

23:59 You also write about investing and the idea that women can invest but learn how to do it properly.

31:23 Did working in a bank and seeing how people managed their money hurt you or help you when you were making your own mistakes?

34:58 Let’s get into some of the tips you talk about when managing money.

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