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The Tiny House - Living Simply and Frugally to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint.

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Getting to Know Michael Bartz

Michael Bartz - In Over My Head PodcastMichael is a Canadian actor who has found his environmental voice through podcasting. In Over My Head was born from the Telus STORYHIVE 2020 Podcast Edition. Through hands-on training and mentorship, Michael made his show a reality. He looks forward to educating people all over the planet on how to effectively reduce their environmental footprint. Michael loves the community podcasting creates and is always looking to collaborate with like-minded folks. If you would like to get in touch, please email info@inovermyheadpodcast.com.



Questions Asked:

1:50 Can you take us on a guided tour of your tiny house? And how you’ve designed it to have less impact on the environment?

4:43 What do you do about water?

5:52 175 square feet is pretty small. Do you live there on your own?

7:42 Tell us about how much it cost to build this home. How did you learn to build it?

9:18 How do you manage to keep a debt free lifestyle?

12:32 You originally thought you would take this house on the road. But you changed your mind.

14:37 Have you learned any other lessons you can talk about for people that might be interested in Tiny Homes and reducing their environmental impact?

19:04 One of the things you did was build it so that you can have guests over!

21:38 How do you feel about losing out on equity that you would otherwise be building if you were to buy a conventional home?

23:47 Do you take ads for your podcast?

27:30 What advice would you give someone who is wondering whether a tiny home is right for them?

29:28 Do you feel like parts of your day are consumed with tasks associated with living in a tiny home? 

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