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The MoneySaver Podcast

The MoneySaver Podcast

This is our first podcast episode where you get to know Ellen Roseman and I a little bit better, as well as learn why we decided to create a new personal finance podcast for Canadians.

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Why did we develop this podcast?

  • Educate people so that they aren’t intimidated by money, investing, spending, debt, personal finance.

  • Keep it advice oriented.

  • Help you by telling you what the industry doesn’t want you to know.

Getting to Know Ellen: Questions Covered

1. You’ve had a long career of advocating for consumer rights and tackling issues that touch the lives of Canadians. How did you get started on that particular path?

2. I notice that you’re also a member of FAIR Canada. The Canadian Foundation for Advancement of Investor Rights. Can you tell us a little more about FAIR Canada and how you became involved in it?

3. How does Canada compare in helping consumers succeed against the powerful financial service industry compared to other countries?

4. Do you see things improving for consumers?

5. You have been teaching investing and personal finance courses since 2004. Is it a challenge to teach these topics?

6. What are your best tips for consumers and what advice do you fall back on again and again?

7. Do you follow your own advice?

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