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Personal Finance and Millennials

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Geting to Know Erica Alini

Erica AliniErica Alini is a journalist and personal finance writer for the Globe and Mail and author of "Money Like You Mean It."


Questions Asked:

1:30 Why do you think that there should be a separate personal finance book for 25 year to 45 year old’s? What are the short comings aimed at older generations?

5:28 You researched a lot for this book. How do you think it makes it different from other books?

8:45 Often books begin with budgeting etc. But your opening chapter is about debt. Do you think that the credit market is becoming more entrenched because people focus more on monthly payments rather than the total obligation?

19:45 You do talk about budgeting and you have coined a term “Money-Buckets.” Can you explain a little more about what that entails?

27:53 You also talk about retirement savings and the idea that maybe the old rules no longer apply. And you point out that there’s a big gap between women and men when it comes to retirement savings. One of your chapters is “Learn to Invest. It’s Not Optional.” How do you justify that since it’s difficult for many to wrap their heads around these abstract paper concepts like stocks and bonds.

34:05 You have a story involving your spouse and how you learned to overlook some of each other’s spending.

39:00 You also have a chapter about how to set up the Bank of Mom and Dad if parents want or need to help their children financially and the complexities that come with that.



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