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Most memorable trading event in 2013

Peter HodsonThe most memorable trading event in 2013 was the complete and utter devastation of the gold sector, especially the juniors, offset by the renewed love affair with technology stocks. To see Barrick Gold lose $20 billion in value, and companies like Jaguar Mining, Colossus and Detour simply get destroyed by management miscues and investors' rampant selling was simply a stunning turn of events for the gold sector. Offsetting that was the technology love-in that reminded us of 1999. Companies such as C-Com rose 200%; Sphere 3D rose 700% and Wanted Technologies (up 270%) reminded investors that, maybe, high-profit-margin businesses offering technology solutions might actually be better than money-losing resource companies that simply dilute shareholders to put more shovels in the ground looking for something (gold) that no one actually 'needs' or has any real use.

Peter Hodson

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