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Kornel Szrejber and how he became financially independent in his 30's!

The MoneySaver Podcast

In this edition of the MoneySaver podcast, we talk to Kornel Szrejber, the host of the Build Wealth Canada Show. He highlights how he and his wife, Andrea, became mortgage free and financially independent by their early 30's.

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Getting to Know Kornel Szrejber: Questions Covered

1. What made you start thinking about limited resources and saving your resources for the future?

2. Did you have any mentors?

3. You and your wife were able to get into the housing market fairly early on. Tell us a little more about that.

4. Do you feel that you should have worked harder on the retirement savings as well as focusing on your mortgage paydown at the same time?

5. Did you take your entire mortgage payment and use that for investing?

6. What type of an investing strategy do you use? Is it a couch potato strategy?

7. Were you making sacrifices to keep your expenses low?

8. How did you build your podcast up to number #1 in Canada?

9. Who have your favourite guests been?

10. What are your top three pieces of advice for Canadians?


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