May 23, 2018 Interview with Kelley Keehn on Consumer Confidence, Consumer Protection and Personal Finance

by Canadian MoneySaver

In the fifth episode of The MoneySaver Podcast, we speak to Kelley Keehn, award-winning author, media personality and personal finance educator. We discuss two of her books, She Inc and The Women's Guide to Money, instilling confidence in men and women, consumer protection, where/how to we begin the journey of personal finance.


Ellen Roseman and Lana Sanichar



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Getting to Know Kelley Keehn: Questions Covered

2:29:  How did you come about to write the book "She Inc."

6:18:  Have women progressed to the point where women are now more confident about our finances?

12:33  Where/How do we start in terms of instilling confidence/accountability within men and women regarding their finances?

17:31  How did you become involved with Financial Consumer Agency of Canada and their work around consumer protection and the issues are facing Canadians?

22:05  What is your role at the Financial Planning Standards Counsel as their Consumer Advocate?

26:19  Do you have three tips on how Canadians can begin paying attention to their finances?

30:22:  Anything else that you feel Canadians should know about when it comes to their finances?


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