Jun 19, 2018 Interview with Bridget Casey from Money After Graduation on debt, saving and investing.

by Canadian MoneySaver



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Getting to Know Bridget Casey: Questions Covered

0:52  Tell us how you got started and what your finances were like when you graduated university.

1:38  So you found blogging about your personal finances was motivating you to clean them up?

3:42  Tell us a little about what you’ve learned about personal finance as a new mother.

5:51  How are you managing to balance work and life right now especially with the high cost of daycare?

6:29  Tell us about what www.moneysaftergraduation.com is.

7:45  Tell us a little about your course, The Six-Figure Stock Portfolio. 

9:00  How does your course, The Six-Figure Stock Porfolio,  compare to the Canadian Securities Course?

10:33  What is your personal approach to investing?

11:01  What is the typical age of the people who take your course?

11:16  Are millenials investing inside an RRSP or TFSA?

11:45  What approach do you take regarding debt and investing?

13:45  What do you think about the general financial health of millennials in Canada?

14:58  Earlier, you talked about the debt snowball vs debt avalanche.  Now I see you talking about the debt snowflake.  Maybe you could tell us a little about the different approaches.

17:15  You’re on YouTube a lot.  Do you do all the work yourself or do you have help with it?

19:45  Do you spend a lot of time editing videos?

20:02  What are your three best personal finance tips that you try to live by as well?

20:53  What is some practical advice to negotiating a salary?

23:11  As a self-employed individual, do you still use those negotiating skills in your own personal situation?

24:00  I heard you’re writing a book.  How is that going?



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