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How to Rock Your RRSP! with Bruce Sellery

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Bruce SelleryGetting to know Bruce Sellery, speaker, television personality, personal finance expert and author of "The Moolala Guide to Rockin' Your RRSP".  brucesellery.com



Questions Asked:

1:06  Let’s start by talking about your business career and the switch to business media personality and personal finance.

5:48  How did you come up with the “Moolala” name? 

6:42  Do people still use the word “moola” for money?

6:53  So what you’re really saying is that the business media is about short-term events when really, in personal finance and investing, you should ignore the noise and think long-term?

9:23  In the first Moolala book "Why Smart People Do Dumb Things with Their Money - And What You Can Do About It" you talk a lot about psychological issues surrounding money.  Can you boil it down into a few sentences?

11:51 The internet can help for remaining anonymous when you have questions about money, credit card debt or how much you need for retirement.

12:45  How do you like the transition from employment to working for yourself?

15:00  Do you have a specific niche subject that you talk about or do you cover many topics surrounding personal finance and investing?

18:36  And isn't it difficult to get people to open up to their advisors?

20:11  What are your best tips for rocking your RRSP?

22:26  What do you think about the TFSA and the debate about whether young people should start with a TFSA or RRSP when they're saving for retirement?

25:35  Have you made any money mistakes yourself?

27:43  What are your three best money tips that you use in your life or that you follow?


Ellen's Tips and Tricks:  A confession.  She has withdrawn money from her RRSP.

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