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Isabelle Beaudoin

Isabelle Beaudoin

Isabelle has been working in the insurance industry for the past 22 years specializing in Critical Illness and Travel Insurance coverage. Originally from France where she studied languages, Isabelle moved to Canada in 1987 to immerse herself in the culture and gain an in- depth knowledge of the English language. She worked several years for a general law firm in Toronto then left to raise her family. She obtained her Certificate in Professional Translation from the University of Toronto but became passionate about critical illness after her mother experienced a major illness. She studied and obtained her full life insurance licence in 1997 and co-founded First Rate Insurance in early 1998. She has since dedicated her practice to emergency medical, including travel insurance and critical illness coverage. Fully bilingual she assists Canadian travellers in both French and English. In her spare time, Isabelle enjoys practising yoga, swimming, hooping, bicycling, rowing and gardening. She supports local not-for-profit organizations and charities, which help youth at risk as well as vulnerable women and children.


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