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Benj Gallander

Benj Gallander

Benj is co-editor of Contra the Heard investment letter. Over the past ten years, the portfolio he manages achieved an annualized return of 19.6%.

Benj co-writes "The Contra Guys" column for The Globe and Mail and has been a contributing editor to Canadian MoneySaver for many years.

He is the author of three best-selling books. The Uncommon Investor - A Contrarian's Guide to Investing the in the Stock Market; The Canadian Small Business Survival Guide and The Contrarian Investor's 13: How to Earn Superior Returns in the Stock Market. Kenneth Fischer stated that The Contrarian’s Investing 13 is, “Beyond doubt, the absolute best book on value investing ever from a Canadian viewpoint.”

Gallander has been featured in Investor’s Digest and called one of “Canada’s Best Investors”. He is also a regular on BNN.

Benj Gallander, MBA,
Co-Editor, Contra the Heard
Toronto, Ontario


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