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  • Enclosed is my cheque for a further year of your great magazine. I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your summer. We still talk about the MoneySaver Caribbean cruise in 2005. It was a great time and we met so many nice people. Keep up your wonderful magazine and we look forward to seeing you on another cruise soon.

  • I/we liked the...

    • people.
    • sophisticated speakers.
    • great handout materials.
    • friendliness and openness of the speakers.
    • opportunity for one-one-one consultations.
    • thousands of dollars worth of information.
    • fact that you can pick and choose seminars and balance with private meetings.
    • speakers' enthusiasm.
    • camaraderie with like-minded people.
    • relaxed atmosphere.
    • well-organized event.
    • hours seminars were held."

  • You should be told that, after reading your info in May, I applied for the disability deduction grant for my husband, and (wow) received a rebate for a hunk of money. My subscription is paid for well past my lifetime.
    Many thanks

    Margaret Westlake


    • "I had decided to attend one seminar with my husband to see what it would be like. I wasn't hopeful. To my delight I thoroughly enjoyed the first session and all the other speakers that followed."
    P. McIntyre


  • I am a subscriber of several years' standing, and want to thank you for producing an excellent magazine. Together with your contributors, you have helped me more than anything else I can think of, to take charge of our family savings.

    Brian Palmer Regina, SK

  • A very insightful and educational magazine. It sure has broadened my mind in a wide section of financial matters.

    G. M. Orillia, ON

  • I get a lot of satisfaction from your publication and thank you for all the effort you put into it. Long may it continue to be a source of knowledge and learning.

    Peter Pain, Vernon, BC

  • Congratulations Dale & Betty (on your 30th year of publishing). Canadian MoneySaver is the best independent financial adviser on the market. The articles are great and it is getting better and better, what else can I say except that you have educated us and enriched us greatly.

    Guy & Edwina Vezina Ottawa, ON

  • Wonderful magazine. Learned a great deal. Best gift ever to give to friends.

    Rosemarie Knoflach Milton, ON

  • We certainly enjoy reading Canadian MoneySaver. On several occasions I have e-mailed some of your writers and have really been impressed with their prompt and informative replies.

    Dave & Mary Boher e-mail

  • I enjoy and value your magazine. I always get the feeling that thought and effort are expanded to give subscribers a product that will give them useful information. I also appreciate greatly that as a subscriber I can get in touch with your experts and get personalized information. In short, great value, the feeling that you care about providing a needed and valuable service (besides being a business entity).

    D.E. e-mail

  • I am writing to thank you for MoneySaver, its integrity and the variety of its articles. Since I began the long journey to learn about money and the market, investing and myself, I have used MoneySaver to keep me aware of my changing needs and the changes in investing opportunities. At age 79 it has been quite a journey.

    J. Macaulay G.T.A.

  • I wanted to send along a note to let you know that my husband and I have had a chance to meet with one of your regular contributors, Brenda MacDonald in Nanaimo. We had a most informative session with her and would highly recommend her to anyone (which we already have!) Having such helpful contributors as part of MoneySaver is one of the reasons we continue to subscribe. Keep up the good work!

    L. Stewart Comox, BC

  • We found Dealfinder in MoneySaver and phoned Bob Prest. He looked for a new Dodge diesel for us. We saved $5,300.
    He was very easy to talk to and very precise. We are very happy with this service. P.S. - Bob has a very good sense of humour.

    Bryan and Joyce Townsley Qualicum Beach, BC

  • Thanks so much for a wonderful magazine. It continues to be a highlight of my month!

    Dr David Wright Barrie, ON

  • While I've made money reading the articles in Canadian MoneySaver, it was the information and the different slants of doing things or thinking of different things that made the difference.
    Making money for me was not the main reason, it was the points of view and the honesty and integrity of the articles. And now it's a 'hobby' for me, make enough to pay for one vacation trip a year; keeps my mind active at 69 and enjoying life. 'Slow and steady' does win the race.

    Keith Oilveira St Catharines, ON

  • You have a very good magazine, one of the few that I read cover-to-cover. Your articles always seem to be in the working man's (person's) range or else apply quite nicely to the retired sector where I sit.

    Eric Stanzeleit Brandon, MB

  • I feel it incumbent on me to let you know that I feel how essential it is for the spouse of a husband who was a great investor to be aware of the family investments when illness strikes. My husband suffered a massive stroke following a four-way bypass and I am now responsible for handling the finances. I wish to remain fully informed of financial management and your magazine assists me in this regard.

    Barbara Carriere Nanaimo, BC

  • I have benefitted from the info in your magazine tremendously...Two years ago, I took the plunge after relying on a so-called investment expert for ten years. The funds I chose, with some guidance and basics from info gleaned from Canadian MoneySaver, have netted me returns in these two years that the 'expert' never delivered on. In fact, one fund of $14,000 returned twice the gains as the monies I had given him control of that were two and a half times larger in amount.

    Edward, Kennedy Harrowsmith, ON

  • I will be 69 this summer and I have read your magazine pretty well from your beginning. Over the years I have learned a lot. I was able to invest in mutual funds on a large scale, receiving advice from 2 of your contributors, 1 without fee and one with fee. Their advice was identical and I prospered from it. I am grateful to you for your sound advice over the years, I am no longer concentrating just on growth. We already have a secure future and will enjoy life. So, I will not need to renew my subscription.

    Dieter Ropke Sault Ste. Marie, ON

  • I enjoy Canadian MoneySaver—half informative reading, the other half I have to study, which keeps me returning to reread parts of previous issues. I am finding that planning and plotting for my grandchildren's 'long term' is quite exhilarating.

    Gordon Lusty Oshawa, ON

  • For all the help and fascinating reading we have had through the years, we are deeply grateful. It occurred to me that you could easily start at the beginning and re-run each edition of Canadian MoneySaver and it would still be relevant today!

    Irene Croot London, ON

  • I recently picked up my first issue of Canadian MoneySaver and found it to be very informative and unique for two reasons. First, it is truly an 'independent' look at personal finance. Secondly, it is one of the only Canadian finance magazines with Canadian content in mind.

    J. W. e-mail

  • With the lack of advertisements in Canadian MoneySaver, the reader's focus is on the financial issues being discussed and less distracted by other information. I have noticed Canadian MoneySaver tends to provide a more thorough evaluation of financial issues in an understandable and readable format.

    B. Ram Vancouver, BC

  • I believe in you and your magazine 100% as you don't appear to have an axe to grind and recommend when appropriate.

    C. S. e-mail

  • I have been a subscriber for a number of years and I have faithfully created my own categorized log sheet of each Canadian MoneySaver article. In the beginning I really only understood the basics of 'money'. A lot of the material was over my head, but I knew that, as I gained more knowledge, I would need to look back for information. I have often used this method to look up info, since I keep all my old copies of your publication. I have always found something useful in each issue of Canadian MoneySaver. This morning I have moved into the modern world by adding an online subscription to my print subscription so that I can access past articles with more ease than even my own filing system offers. For a few dollars each month, your magazine has saved me thousands of dollars over the years, by supplying me with knowledge that I would not otherwise have gained.

    K. H. Ariss, ON

  • ...I have benefitted from the information in your magazine. It is unlike any consumerist publication anywhere, and gives direction to the high road of financial travel.

    Edward Kennedy Harrowsmith, ON

  • Receiving my monthly MoneySaver is like having Christmas 11 times a year.

    Allan DeLuca Toronto, ON

  • If I had to pick one word to describe your magazine it would be 'amazing'. Do they give the Booker prize for financial advice? I wish they would, you would definitely have my vote.

    Wayne Paulin Kingston, ON

  • I read with great interest an issue a few months ago with commenting about MDC Corp. I follow this stock pick and bought shares at $2.41. MDC is now trading around $8.50 to $9.00 per share. I have sold enough to get my original investment back and the rest is profit. Without MoneySaver I never would have made this investment. Needless to say I am very pleased.

    B A Hansen Coldstream, BC

  • Thanks for sending complementary copies of the MoneySaver for my Personal Finance students. It always gives me a lot of pride to pass out a top quality Canadian publication and with no advertisements! Even though I teach Finance, I require students to do research papers in my courses and one of the sources to which I always refer them is the MoneySaver.

    John Churchill, Associate Professor of Finance Acadia University Wolfville, Nova Scotia

  • On a whim, two years ago, I bought a copy of Canadian MoneySaver at a local shop. I found the articles so interesting, and was so intrigued by the fact that there was absolutely no advertising, that I had to have my own subscription right there-and-then after reading only one issue!
    Canadian MoneySaver
    is an excellent publication with articles being timely, well-researched and pertinent. I can't single out one topic over another because they're all of interest, the new information and the old.
    Thanks, also, for keeping my name and address in your records only and for not exchanging/selling them to other businesses. It's nice to know there is one publication which honours a subscriber's request to stamp-out unsolicited 'junk mail'.

    F. Korstrom Coquitlam, BC

  • I've been subscribing for almost two years now. I'm probably ahead by $7000.00 on stocks from reading your newsletter and reading old issues. Your newsletter has been invaluable to me mostly because I can get information that isn't as biased towards advertisers. For instance your last issue on RRSPs. You would never see three articles denouncing their value at the height of the buying season in Report on Business or the Globe and Mail!

    G. M. Richmond Hill, ON

  • The most understandable and readable money magazine I have seen.

    Jim Johnstone Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • Of the five financial papers, letters and reports I receive, the Canadian MoneySaver is by far the best bargain, the easiest to read, and the most diversified.

    D. Nutter Montreal, Quebec

  • MoneySaver has given me more valuable information than all the previous subscriptions over a lifetime that have cost me thousands of dollars.

    Arthur Mones Whitehorse, YK

  • I have subscribed to almost every financial letter available. I never renew big promises...I will be with MoneySaver magazine until I die.

    Gary Hulquist Edmonton, AB

  • I join your many readers who congratulate you on producing an extraordinarily useful financial magazine that has good balance and oozes integrity.

    Chuck Carr North York, ON

  • Canadian MoneySaver provides accurate, timely, pertinent and dependable financial strategies and information...the most useful of our various financial publications.

    W W Tolton Mallorytown, ON

  • I really appreciate the fact that someone else does all the digging and research. You've got the breakdown, positives and negatives, that I need to know.

    Nettie Cameron Grand Bay, NB

  • I decided to go with Bob Prest's service. Was I glad that I did. Not only did he get me a great deal ( a discount of over $2500, about 10% off the car's list price), he saved me a ton of time negotiating a deal.

    Gary Ryan Toronto, ON

  • From one small tip in MoneySaver, we now have an extra $1000 a year, which is fifty times the subscription price!

    Patricia Tieleman Nanaimo, BC

  • It is evident from your writings and actions that you are genuine about wishing to help the individual investor. Your website and creation of the Forum (Chatline) also continue the tradition.

    Steven McVeigh Scarborough, ON

  • ...was able to fill my order and get me $6334 off the final price as well as the $1500 cash back from the dealer...WOW! The bend-over-backwards service he provided for me was a return to customer-oriented strategy seldom experienced these days.

    Brent Nicholls Toronto, ON

  • I have been purchasing your magazine for some time now from the bookstores, and wish to commend you on your excellent publication which I think is the only Canadian publication which compares to American publications such as Wall Street Week and Fortune Magazine.

    Richard Jakovac Mississauga, ON

  • Enjoy MoneySaver. It is easy to read and understand. It is the best magazine of its kind for all levels of people starting to take interest in their own financial affairs. Best of all, it is Canadian and applies to the Canadian financial markets although, you don't forget about the world markets and cover them. MoneySaver brings timely information and good ideas to my home monthly.

    John Mangone Saulte Ste Marie, ON

  • MoneySaver has helped me more than any other financial advisory publication because it covers vitally important matters concerning my personal financial portfolio and related affairs?MoneySaver is just that—it offers the best possible style and format for a price anyone can afford. I file and reread your articles regularly. Congratulations for the irreplaceable service you offer.

    John Parker Burnaby, BC

  • I have been purchasing bulk subscriptions for my clients for the last few years. I find that my clients become more educated and far better investors after reading Canadian MoneySaver because of the wealth of financial information that it offers.

    Angelo Vicere, Berkshire Securities Hamilton, ON

  • We receive favourable comments about the content of MoneySaver on a continual basis from both clients and staff of Royal Bank Financial Group. Articles are informative, interesting and concise. Anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of personal financial matters should be a regular reader.

    Mark Wire, Royal Bank Winnipeg, MB

  • We have subscribed to Canadian MoneySaver almost from its inception and find that it provides accurate, timely, pertinent and dependable financial strategies and information. Also, by meeting the writers at seminars, we have established very satisfactory relationships regarding portfolio management. Canadian MoneySaver is the most useful of our various financial publications.

    Bill Tolton Brockville, ON

  • Every issue of MoneySaver has wisdom for investors and savers of all ages and incomes across Canada.

    Terry Warner Regina SK

  • Thanks to MoneySaver, I have been able to save at least 10% on our vacation trips.

    George Hollands Mississauga, ON

  • Keep up the good work and please pass on my compliments to your very competent team of contributing editors.

    Marc Pajot Ottawa, ON

  • The articles in Canadian MoneySaver are written by knowledgeable practitioners and have helped me immensely to understand the principles of investments in the areas of stocks and RRSP/RRIF planning. I compliment you on selecting specialists who write with the layman in mind.

    Joe Rebello Windsor, ON

  • The magazine is great and the Web site looks impressive and very user friendly. Your magazine is truly a treasure of information.

    Stephen Bobkin Toronto, ON

  • You're still top drawer in financial advice. Please renew for another two years. Would not want to be without your practical and lucrative advice. May you survive many, many years.

    Edward McDermott Ottawa, ON

  • I find the articles on retirement strategies superb. They are written concisely and in plain everyday language; they do not detail any complicated maneuvers to save tax.

    Glenndoris Haggman Regina, SK

  • I find the articles timely, understandable, relevant and practical. Accordingly I have no reservations in recommending this magazine to participants at my seminars.

    Peter Nelson Edmonton, AB

  • Just a small note to let you know how thrilled I am with your magazine! My portfolio has doubled in value in about 15 months thanks to your terrific advice.

    Violet Borosewich Edmonton, AB

  • I have been subscribing for just a few months, but it has already paid for itself many times over.

    Randy Weekes Lanark, ON

  • Canadian MoneySaver saved me $250,000 with one of your tax articles

    George Frankl Ottawa, ON

  • You can always count on me for strongly referring your magazine as a must read for those wanting to understand the Canadian personal financial world.

    Roy Khawam Montreal, QC
  • After only one day as a member, and use of the online resources, I can say that I will definitely obtain value from my membership fee. Excellent resource.
  •   David Kyle North Vancouver, BC
    • I just wanted to compliment you on the excellent job you have done in compiling the archives of your previous MoneySaver articles. I find the abstracts to be particularly useful in trolling for good investing insights. The archives also let me get a sense of history (given that they are dated) and help me see what principles truly survive over time (and what so-called "principles" don't). So thank you again for the great archives, and keep up the good work.

      Jim Cummings West Vancouver, BC

    • This website provides practical investment advice researched, used, and described by more than five dozen financial practitioners, including financial planners, tax experts, portfolio managers, lawyers, and successful investors from across Canada.

      David Bach Author of Start Late, Finish Rich

    • ...profitable advice on tax, retirement and financial planning, investment strategies, understanding pensions and benefits.


    • Just a quite note to compliment you on your superb upgraded website. Many other, more expensive services to which I subscribe should be ashamed at the quality of their website, in comparison to yours. I now refer them to your website as an example of clarity and substance.

      S. Gerhard Toronto, ON


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