Magazine Cover for November 2021
November 2021

If there is one thing I have learned in my career it is to keep emotions out of investing.

Emotions will wreak havoc with your investment success.

Sure, youíve heard this before, but it is so hard to do.
You read the news; you watch the market. When things are bad they sure do look bad. When sellers are panicking and you are losing thousands by the day (or hour, or second) it is certainly easy to get nervous and start selling, too.

Some tips to combat this: One, think like a mutual fund manager. Funds are priced daily, so assume you just bought all your stocks at todayís prices. Are you comfortable at
that price? Remember, a stock doesnít know or care what you paid for it. Donít Ďanchorí a stock with a price from before that means nothing now.

Two, remember that you own part of a company when you own a stock. The most important thing is how that company performs. You have not bought China economic policies, a US budget, or anything else that investors like to fret about. You have bought a company. Many companies can do well in all types of market and economic scenarios.

Three, remember that volatility transfers wealth from short-term investors to long-term investors: the greatest stocks of the past 20 years have all experienced stomach-turning drops,
at times. But here they are, still making money for investors who stuck it out.

It has been a most unusual year, again. All of us at MoneySaver wish you a joyous and prosperous Holiday Season.

Sharing With You,

Peter Hodson, CFA

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