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Canadian MoneySaver in the media

  •  Fund Fees Under The Microscope  

Featuring Canadian MoneySaver contributing editor John DeGoey.

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  • Preet Banerjee from Where does all my money go?   interviews Peter Hodson, Editor, Canadian MoneySaver!
  • December 2, 2012 

Canadian MoneySaver opens the TSX, July 7, 2010 with David Stanley and founder Dale Ennis!

  • November 16, 2012

'Best Buys' from leading analysts.

As seen in Investor's Digest, November 16, 2012.  vol 44, no 21

Peter Hodson, chartered financial analyst, needs no introduction, having been a long-time contributor to this publication while working for major Canadian financial institutions....He doesn't spend much time analyzing the economy.  Instead, he concentrates on individual companies, particularly on their earnings...

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  • Rose Simone The Record.com

  • Ron Beaton (FFA) either uses exchange-traded funds, or follows MoneySaver columnist David Stanley's 'Beating the TSX' approach. His best move – "Using the 'Beating the TSX' system. Its historically outperforms the TSX index year over year. ...It's a no-brainer."

    The Globe and Mail

  • Whether you handle your taxes and finances yourself or use a professional, a second opinion is always valuable. Canadian MoneySaver magazine provides personal-finance advice to thousands of Canadians and to Costco members in each issue of The Connection.

    Lorelle, Gilpin, Associate Editor The Costco Connection

  • I would strongly suggest subscribers turn to Canadian MoneySaver for the best information and advice on the Canadian market. My good friends, Dale and Betty Ennis, put together the best financial monthly in Canada since 1981, hands down. MoneySaver features everything you need to know about smart investing, especially in Canada. If you like my Canada Corner, you'll love MoneySaver!

    Eric Roseman Global Mutual Fund Investor

  • Canadian MoneySaver is a magazine that's known for longevity (published since 1981) and sensible investing advice. The writers share a keep-it-simple philosophy and a love of dividend-paying stocks that offer no-cost reinvestment plans.

    Ellen Roseman Toronto Star

  • Using financial terminology, if Canadian MoneySaver were a stock, we'd be wise to invest in it because its value will surely rise. But reading this innovative finance magazine is in itself an investment—an investment in yourself!

    Stephen Lee for Masthead magazine

  • ...this magazine covers a wide variety of topics from buying strip bonds to costing funerals. Articles are by experts in each field. Good value.

    Report on Business Magazine

  • Readers subscribe to Canadian MoneySaver because they like the fact that it is written in layman's terms. Its easy-to-read format of concise articles covers pertinent topics for all levels of investors.
    There are a variety of ways to save money and invest wisely with low risk. Canadian MoneySaver offers you the opportunity to do so.

    The Shareholder Benefits Newsletter

  • Ever wish for a source of information on investing that isn't quite so mainstream, that isn't decked from top to bottom with ads for the products being written about?
    Canadian MoneySaver does offer a dozen or more articles per issue on subjects related to investing in stocks, mutual funds and bonds, on taxation, estate planning and insurance.

    Rob Carrick The Globe and Mail

  • Canadian MoneySaver, a subscription-only magazine has been offering straightforward financial information since 1981. The magazine and its accompanying website http://www.canadianmoneysaver.ca are established as balanced, well-respected resources in the volatile world of personal finance.

    The Costco Connection

  • MoneySaver may be the most useful investing and personal finance magazine around thanks to its eclectic mix of contributors and topics. Must reading for the financially savvy.

    Rob Carrick The Globe and Mail

  • If you are after personal finance information, MoneySaver is the only way to go. I spend more time reading most issues of  MoneySaver than I do The Financial Post.

    Tom Connolly Connolly Report

  • Canadian MoneySaver provides its readers with practical, reliable financial advice that you can trust.

    Bull & Bear Financial Report

  • In my work as a syndicated newspaper columnist, radio show host and independent financial advisor, I often recommend Canadian MoneySaver to readers, listeners and clients because of the information it provides at all levels of financial planning sophistication. The publication's longevity speaks for itself, when so many other money magazines in Canada have gone out of business.

    Mike Grenby, Syndicated Columnist West Vancouver, BC

  • MoneySaver seems always to have new, innovative and practical ways of looking at savings, investments and earning alternatives. I like the fact that there's no hard sell.

    Dian Cohen Economic Consultant and Journalist

  • At less than $2 a month, MoneySaver is one of the true great values out there.

    David Chilton The Wealthy Barber, Kitchener, ON

  • Canadian MoneySaver offers what financial newspapers and magazines don't. There's little anecdotal filler about so and so who dropped a bundle on a bad bet. Instead, tax lawyers, accountants and financial savants produce technically sound memos on what's moving markets. For financial planners, Canadian MoneySaver is close to essential reading.

    Andrew Allentuck Financial Writer, Winnipeg

  • Canadian MoneySaver ranked as the number one investment/financial planning publication in Canada.

    Report on Business Magazine (Globe & Mail)

  • I believe the actual details of investing are better left to the experts. In fact, the best investing newsletter in Canada, bar none, is Canadian MoneySaver. It's a bargain.

    Ian Nicholson The Miser's Gazette

  • ...great source of information that I use and recommend is the Canadian MoneySaver magazine...a terrific bargain.

    David Gillians Kitchener-Waterloo Record

  • MoneySaver helped me find stocks...which reinvested dividends and would sell shares to existing shareholders. I saved $1400 in brokerage fees.

    Andy Sirski Grain News, Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • Next to the library, Canadian MoneySaver is the best value source of quality financial information available, for the novice to the professional. Its low subscription price makes it affordable for everyone to learn about opportunities to improve all areas of financial planning.

    Talbot Stevens Author of Financial Freedom Without Sacrifice, London, ON

  • I look forward to each issue because of its diversity as well as all the nuts-and-bolts practical information.

    Bruce Cohen Financial Post

  • The Monetary Digest highly recommends Canadian MoneySaver

  • Canadian MoneySaver is a fine magazine.

    Ron Chalmers Edmonton Journal

  • Canadian MoneySaver is the nation's top publication in the area of financial planning and contains articles by leading experts in their fields.

    Canada Tax News

  • In short, the publication is useful to most Canadians, or would be, if they knew about it.

    Joan Watson Toronto Star

  • Of all these (publications), Canadian MoneySaver is by far the most reasonable. MoneySaver also contains columns from several other newsletters, saving you the trouble of subscribing to them.

    Toronto Star

  • For investors seeking a comprehensive source to global financial planning and interesting editorials on a wide spectrum of investment topics, one personal financial planning magazine stands above the rest. MoneySaver is easy to read, very informative and worth subscribing to.

    Eric Roseman Editor, Global Mutual Fund Investor

  • If you're interested in keeping up with fund news, I recommend Canadian MoneySaver.

    Profitable Investing

  • Canadian MoneySaver presents a varied roster of financial advisers dispensing advice in down-to-earth fashion.

    Halifax Herald

  • ...the readers love it, judging by the testimonials Ennis gets. Aimed at more knowledgeable folks, the magazine offers 20 stories in 40 pages. It's a grab bag with something for everyone.

    Ellen Roseman The Toronto Star

  • Now in its 19th year of publication, MoneySaver is read by a range of readers, from senior financial executives to young couples just starting to save. And it has become, in spite of its homespun origins, a standard of investing.

    The Costco Connection

  • ...This magazine writes about everyday financial matters ranging from budgeting to wills to stock market investing. All the articles are written in concise, understandable language and are always current.

    Physician's Management Manuals

  • If you want to subscribe to a very modestly priced magazine that covers a wide spectrum on personal finance, write to Canadian MoneySaver.

    Patrick Fellows The Toronto Star

  • A low-priced guide...worth its type in gold.

    The Guardian Charlottetown

  • Geared towards providing the average wage earner with practical and well-researched tips on how to save money and how to spend it wisely.

    Edmonton Journal

  • Packed with consumer and savings tips to help you find the money to start your investments.

    Hamilton Spectator

  • The voice of sanity in a hail of gurus. I was also pleased to hear that you are doing seminars.

    PJ Wade The Catalyst

  • Canadian MoneySaver, which carries no advertisement is endorsed by the Consumer's Association of Canada.

    Canadian Press

  • The cheapest, and one of the most practical, financial publications in North America.

    Ottawa Citizen

  • There is little doubt, in Sound Offs opinion, that Canadian MoneySaverwould be a valuable reference for anyone who would like to learn more about day-to-day management of his money.

    Susan Greer The London Free Press

  • Canadian MoneySaver is a useful....newsletter devoted to investment, taxes and general money-saving tactics.

    Gordon Pitts Financial Post

  • ...Its countless tips and ideas will save you well over the subscription price. MoneySaver's well-rounded format and crisp, bold presentation appeals to everyone, from average income wage-earners to pensioners.

    Diana Rienstra Skyword magazine

  • Entrepreneurs surface during recessions

    Copy of article.

    Front page article by Bruce Johnstone The Leader-Post, Regina

  • Magazine's advice user-friendly

    Copy of article

    Peter Premachuk The Edmonton Sun

  • Small is beautiful for MoneySaver Newsletter

    Copy of article

    Bruce Cohen

  • You better shop around

    Copy of article

    Abraham Akot The StarPhoenix

  • Diversifying may not be where it's at

    Copy of article

    Bruce Erskine The Chronicle Herald

  • Act like you're poor, end up rich

    Copy of article

    Jonathan Chevreau Financial Post

  • Financial advice magazine turns 25

    Copy of article

    Kristin Goff

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