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Wills, Powers of Attorney and other Important Documents

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Getting to Know Erin Bury

Gordon Stein

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One of Marketing Magazine’s top 30 Under 30, Erin is an entrepreneur, marketer, former journalist, and startup advisor/investor. She is the co-founder and CEO at Willful, an online estate planning platform that makes it easy for Canadians to create a will in less than 20 minutes. Prior to Willful she held leadership roles at communications agency Eighty-Eight, startup publication BetaKit, and at Sprouter, which was acquired by Postmedia in 2011. Erin is a frequent speaker with Speakers’ Spotlight, writes a column for the Financial Post, and is a tech commentator on CTV News. She has appeared in publications including The New York Times, Forbes, and CNN.


Questions Asked:

1:45 Tell us a little bit about Kevin, your husband and how his brushes with death lead him to start Willful.co.

3:27 How did you end up being the CEO of Willful.co?

4:41 Tell us a little bit about online wills vs having a lawyer create a will vs writing it yourself.

6:39 What do you mean by “wet ink”?

8:34 Are you seeing a big change in the number of individuals seeking to have their wills created or updated since the Covid – 19 crisis began?

10:50 Do you help people with those non-will aspects of their life, like their wishes surrounding items like their social media accounts, on your website?

13:29 Tell me a little bit about how Willful works including costs. How do you screen people to understand if Willful is an appropriate platform for someone?

16:34 What’s your view about appointing a financial institution as executor, maybe along with a few family members.

18:10 Does your platform allow for gifts to charity upon passing or legacy gifts?

20:10 Who is most likely to have a will?

22:05 What are the different packages do you have on Wilful.co? Is a will a separate purchase from a power of attorney?

23:00 How do you get around the questions like “how do I know this will hold up in court” or “how do I know this will is legally valid” since it’s an online platform vs a lawyer?

24:35 In Canada, are we able to store our will online and are digital signatures currently allowed or do we still have to have printed copies and witnesses in person?

27:35 How has your offer for free wills to healthcare workers been received because of the Covid-19 crisis?

28:50 How did you position your branding so that it was less about dying and more about love for your family?

31:15 For those who do not have a will or have one that needs updating, can you recommend resources?


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