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Technical Analysis with Keith Richards from ValueTrend Wealth Management

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Getting to know Keith Richards:

Keith Richards ValueTrend Wealth ManagementPresident, Chief Portfolio Manager, Technical Analyst

ValueTrend Wealth Management’s founder and Portfolio Manager Keith Richards has been professionally engaged in the securities industry since 1990. Well known nationally, Keith appears regularly on BNN Bloomberg Television’s prime time show, Market Call, for analysis and insight into market-driving events. BNN acknowledges him as “one of [our] most accurate Technical Analysts”.  An effective writer, Keith contributes to a number of financial publications including; The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Financial Post (National Post), The Money Letter, and Investor’s Digest of Canada. He is also quoted weekly in BNN Bloomberg and Reuters market look-ahead interviews.

Keith has published three books on the subject of Technical Analysis: SmartBounce: Three Action Steps to Portfolio Recovery (BPS Books, Toronto, New York, 2008) and Sideways:  Using the Power of Technical Analysis to Profit in Uncertain Times (BPS Books, Toronto, New York, 2012) and Smart Money Dumb Money: Beating the Crowd Through Contrarian Investing (Kinetics Design, 2021).

Questions Asked:

2:08 Can you define fundamental analysis vs technical analysis.

4:04 A technical analyst can be so sure of the data that they can recommend a business without knowing what the business is about.

5:42 How did you get involved in technical analysis?

10:31 You’re a busy guy.  You run a business, you have a newsletter, you are on tv.  The list goes on.  How do you have time to do it all and still have balance?

14:44 Can you explain the concepts of Smart Money and Dumb Money?

17:50 Are you predicting Tech Bubble correction any time soon like you did in 2000?

21:50 You were talking about fractional share trading. 

23:19 You’re talking about the lag in information before it reaches the average person.

32:24 I read that the Magnificent Seven have been creating much of the rise in the Index. What about the others?

34:27 I think that some of the online discount brokers are using technicals to help their retail investors in a way that aggregates information. Where would you go to start  your own research?

36:07 What do you talk about in your newsletter?

39:31 I remember Bombardier.

41:05 Once Marijuana was legalized all the stocks dropped. “Buy on Mystery, Sell on History”

42:02 And a lot of these stocks are new without any history.

43:44 What advice would you give to the beginning investor?

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