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Selecting a Financial Advisor

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Getting to Know Sol Amos:  

Sol AmosSol is an entrepreneur and proven marketing | business development executive who's built, grown & transformed marketing organizations including start-ups and large global corporations. Recently Sol launched advisorsavvy.com to help consumers find great financial advisors leveraging his passion for client experience and satisfaction.

Prior to this, he spent close to a decade supporting advisors across the US, Canada and Hong Kong developing and honing their practice using consumer insight and feedback. Specifically, he led the implementation of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) across CIBC Wealth Management as well as launching the BMO Private Bank brand in Canada, Asia and the US that resulted in several awards including Best Domestic Private Bank-US and Best Private Bank Brand Canada.  

Questions Asked:

2:30. Can you tell us a little bit about how this service came to fruition?

3:25. And how did you determine that there would be a market for your service?

4:21. How do you define financial advisors? You have five categories. Can you go through them?

8:56. So you’re all across Canada? 

14:29. Sometimes you need two or three meetings before you actually write up a proposal with an advisor.

15:21. You have a lot of investor education on your site.  I like the name of your site. 

16:53. You told me that you speak to a lot of clients. What are some of the touching or interesting stories that you have heard?

19:05. I would expect that a lot of clients are interested in being good stewards of money that they have come in to.

20:20. You have plans to expand. I have to ask…what is your business model? How do you make money from this service? Can even an individual who doesn’t have assets totalling six figures or more access your service?

24:32. You’re looking at expanding into the US market?

25:04. Fiduciary Duty. You want to feel that when you’re dealing with money, that you’re dealing with someone who takes your money seriously. 

27:55. How do people find you? 

28:52. What are the most important questions that you should ask a when selecting a financial advisor?

36:14. I think that one of the trendier questions these days would be about cryptocurrencies!

37:48. Now that you’ve been doing this for a few years, tell us about the lessons that you’ve learned about client relationships with advisors!

40:52. Do you see any trends?

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