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Question of the Week by Richardson GMP

If commodities aren’t leading the TSX Index anymore, which areas of the market have taken up the leadership position?

Very interesting question indeed. At the beginning of the year, many strategists encouraged investors to continue looking at technology and healthcare stocks in the United States, but options here in Canada were limited. So does that mean they were ignored altogether? We don’t believe so. We decided to take a look at which stocks have outperformed and underperformed within the S&P/TSX Composite Index and below we provide you with the 15 highest and lowest year-to-date returns. As you can see healthcare/pharmaceutical stocks such as Valeant and CML Healthcare were near the top along with technology names such as CGI, MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates, Celestica and Constellation Software. It comes as no surprise that the vast majority of the largest price declines belong to precious metal miners. So resources are no longer leading the charge in Canada, instead other sectors within the S&P/TSX Index have stepped up to the plate

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