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D-I-Y Investing with Dan Hallett, CFA, CFP

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Getting to know Dan Hallett

Dan HallettDan Hallett is responsible for manager research, portfolio construction, and investment program design at HighView. With more than 20 years of industry experience, Dan is recognized as an investment expert. His views and opinions are regularly featured in print, TV, radio, and online media. He has contributed research to Morningstar Canada, the Globe & Mail’s websites, Canadian MoneySaver magazine, Advisor’s Edge magazine, and Advisor’s Edge Report. He has also served as a contributor to, or reference for, several best-selling personal finance and investment books.


Questions Asked:

1:41  How do you think the advent of Covid 19 has affected the average investor in Canada?

3:22  Do you think that DIY investing has become more of a trend because of Covid?

6:01  There seems to be a trend in mutual funds in an RRSP.  Over the past number of years the performance of mutual funds haven’t been that great.  Do you think that mutual funds are somewhat on their way out? 

8:41  What’s an Exchange Traded Fund and how does it differ from a mutual fund?

14:11  Investors have many questions when they are considering hiring an advisor and some investors do not understand that the advisor may not be working in their best interest.  

17:58  How does fiduciary duty work in Canada? 

26:41  Robo-Advisors work with the idea of a balanced portfolio.  In general, they will give you a well-diversified portfolio and will continue to monitor it and rebalance.  Which is maybe more than you would get from a typical person who sells mutual funds.

30:41  Have you seen changes in investor behaviour over the last 30 years?  Or is it difficult for investor behaviour to change?

37:11  What are your best bedrock principles around financial management?

41:07  What are the minimum amounts that you would have to bring to a portfolio manager to   become a client?

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