Warren MacKenzie

 Warren MacKenzie as the Head of Financial Planning at Optimize Wealth Management is responsible for delivering advice rooted in sound investment principles to help clients achieve their financial goals. Over his 30-year career within the financial industry, Warren has become well know as an advocate for investor education and is the author of The Unbiased Advisor, Zen and The Art of Wealth, and co-author of New Rules of Retirement and The C.A.R.P. Financial Planning Guide. For The Life Institute Warren teaches a course called “Joy of Money –How much is Enough”. He is a regular contributor to the Financial Facelift column in The Globe and Mail. Warren is a Chartered Professional Accountant and also holds the Certified Investment Management Analyst Designation (CIMA) and the Chartered Investment Manager Designation (CIM).

Warren works primarily with clients who are in retirement or close to retirement, and he focuses on calculating their “Essential Capital” and “Surplus Capital”. He knows that when clients have confidence in their “Surplus Capital” number they get to enjoy their retirement even more. Retirees have only a few ways to dispose their surplus capital before they die. They can use it to maintain a more expensive lifestyle, they can give to their heirs sooner rather than later, they can give it to charity, or they can give it to the government in the form of tax. When clients understand what is essential and what is surplus –they’re free to choose the best way to enjoy their capital.