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Robert Gibb

Robert Gibb

Bob is a retired school teacher and DRIP hobbyist. As a contributing editor for Canadian MoneySaver he has been instrumental in teaching Canadians how to successfully invest in Canadian and U.S. equity markets. Bob points out how to reduce costs with the advantages of dividend reinvestment plans or DRIPs. He is currently working on a book to extend this service.

Bob is a frequent contributor to Internet DRIP boards under the nickname OperaBob.

Robert Gibb
Victoria, BC
(250) 383-7075


A Tale of Two Drips (Download)

"The Upside of DRIPs - Debunking Myths" (Download)

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"Reinvestment Reinstatement" (Download)

"The Average DRIPper" (Download)

"DRIPS: What To Do Until You're Rich" (Download)

"DRIPpers: Using Brokers Effectively " (Download)

"Call to Action" (Download)

"Manulife, What Were You Thinking?" (Download)

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"Ho-Hum! How Boring!" (Download)

"Looking at Real Estate Trust DRIPs" (Download)

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"Looking at DRIP Trusts" (Download)

"Return on Equity" (Download)

"DRIPs and RRSPs" (Download)

"DRIPs 101: Starting a DRIP" (Download)

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"DRIPs 101: The Basics" (Download)

"Stuck In (Telephone) Jail!" (Download)

"The Year Ahead In DRIPs" (Download)

"Accounting for U.S. DRIPs for Canadians" (Download)

"Punching the Parrot" (Download)

"The Road (Er! Bridge) to DRIPs" (Download)

""Moneypaper" and All About DRIPs and DSPs" (Download)

"DRIPping South Into the U.S." (Download)