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Robert Barney

Robert Barney

Bob began selling life insurance as an independent agent in 1979. With the advent of the microcomputer, Bob recognized the need for comparison software for life insurance and so founded Compulife Software Inc. in 1982.

Today Compulife provides life insurance comparison software and services to over 3,000 agents, brokers and companies throughout Canada and the United States. A consumer version of the Compulife comparison program is now available to the public, free of charge and without obligation, at www.term4sale.ca.

Bob has been a contributing editor to Canadian MoneySaver since 1987 and has provided over 40 different articles on the subject of life insurance. Bob and his family now reside in Kentucky from where he manages both the U.S. and Canadian software companies.

Compulife Software
P.O. Box 1018
Mitchell, Ontario

N0K 1N0


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