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Margot Bai

Margot Bai

Margot graduated from the University of Guelph with a BA in Psychology. She worked at Young Drivers of Canada for 5 years in the office and as a driving instructor and classroom teacher.  She spent the next 10 years working as a licensed insurance professional for State Farm agents.  Margot and husband James bought their first rental property in 2005 in Newmarket, ON. Today they own several properties and Margot spends her time managing her rental properties and writing for Canadian MoneySaver magazine. 

Margot Bai’s first book, Spend Smarter, Save Bigger: Finding BIG savings in your Home, Mortgage, Vehicles, Insurance & Investments (2006, 2015) helps Canadians find BIG savings on life’s biggest expenses so they can grow their wealth faster.  Spend Smarter will help you eliminate debt and build a solid financial foundation for your future.  Revised and updated for 2015, Spend Smarter, Save Bigger 2nd edition remains a leading guide to personal finance for Canadians.

Margot’s second book, Rent Smart: Buy Profitable Rental Properties, Create Quality Apartments and Place Great Tenants (2015) is a comprehensive guide to rental property investing in Canada and beyond.  It is the perfect starting point for anyone who wishes to seriously consider if rental property investing would be right for them.  Rent Smart is also a great resource for current landlords who wish to learn some best practices to run their business more effectively.

Spend Smarter, Save Bigger & Rent Smart are both available for sale exclusively through the author’s website at www.margotbai.com as eBooks only in ePub format for your Kobo eReader or Kobo app for your tablet or phone.  Learn more and read chapters 1 and 2 free at www.margotbai.com

Margot has appeared in multiple television, radio and major print media including The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and Vancouver Sun.  Margot was also a special guest on MoneyTalk with Patricia Lovett-Reid on BNN. 

Margot Bai, BA,
Author of Spend Smarter, Save Bigger & Rent Smart

Markham, Ontario



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