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Ken Finkelstein

Ken Finkelstein

Ken's blog www.buddhamoney.com is for folks who just want to know how to manage their money, how best to save, invest, and grow their wealth. So how do you figure out what information is helpful or harmful? How do you filter the talking heads? How do you know who is flash and who offers substance? Who is biased, pushing their own agenda, selling you products / services? Who should you trust? Who is truly looking out for you?

He is a director of the non-profit organization, Canadian Women and Words Foundation, whose purpose is to celebrate and give voice to extraordinary Canadian women playwrights, and to create communities fostering the well-being, growth and dignity of girls and women. 

Ken holds a BA (Psychology) from University of Manitoba, and LL.B. (Law) from University of Western Ontario. He was admitted to the Law Society of Ontario and British Columbia, and State Bar of Washington and New York. 
Ken Finkelstein 




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