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James Hymas

James Hymas

James is the president and founder of Hymas Investment Management, Inc., an investment counselling firm specializing in the the analysis of Canadian preferred shares. The firm offers portfolio management to retail and institutional investors, consulting and software.

He became interested in the asset class while engaged as Chief Operating Officer and Portfolio Manager at Greydanus, Boeckh & Associates, Inc., a Fixed-income management firm that was acquired by a major 
bank. "Preferred shares", he says, "can be a superb investment for taxable fixed-income investors, but are woefully underanalyzed in today's market. I aim to fill that niche."

James received a BSc. (Hon) in Chemistry from the University of Toronto. He 
writes extensively about preferred shares for retail and professional 

James Hymas, CFA
President, Portfolio Manager
Hymas Investment Management, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario 
(416) 604-4204


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