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Derek Foster

Derek Foster

Derek quit the rat race at 34 and became a millionaire using simple investment strategies. He shared his unique approach in his five national bestselling books:

  • STOP WORKING: Here’s How You Can!
  • The Lazy Investor: Start with $50 and no Investment Knowledge
  • Money for Nothing: And You Stocks for FREE
  • STOP WORKING Too: You Still Can!
  • The Idiot Millionaire

A diehard fan of value investing in quality stocks, Derek created a simple strategy by combining the teachings of Ben Graham, Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch. He applied this knowledge to a Canadian perspective, taking into account Canadian investment options and tax considerations.

Derek sticks to his simple philosophy with investing. If a company can’t easily be explained to an average 6-year-old, Derek will not invest in it!

Derek Foster
Ottawa, Ontario


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