Caroline Nalbantoglu

Caroline is president of CNal Financial Planning a fee-only financial planning firm which helps clients gain a global perspective of their financial situation. At CNAL Financial Planning they pride themselves on taking an objective view of their clients’ financial situations.

The key to Caroline's success is her ability to understand and respond to her clients' needs by formulating complete action plans which enable them to attain their financial goals.

Caroline brought to her former employer, PWL Capital, 20+ years' experience providing sound financial advice in the wealth management industry.

Prior to joining PWL Caroline enjoyed seventeen highly successful years with a fee-only financial planning firm where she held various positions, preceding her nomination as Vice-President. A member of the Professional Chartered Administrator Association (C Admin, FP) and the Institute of Advanced Financial Planners (RFP), Caroline is well known in the financial media for her ongoing contributions to the Gazette, The Globe & Mail, L'Actualite and Canadian MoneySaver, and throughout the Montreal corporate community.
Caroline also holds a B Admin from Concordia University and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). She is a member of the Chartered Administrators of Quebec. She holds the following designations: F Pl, RFP and CFP.

Caroline Nalbantoglu, CFP, RFP
CNal Financial Planning Inc.
Montreal QC
514-798-4895 x301