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Brenda MacDonald

Brenda MacDonald

Brenda is an independent financial counselor who lives in Victoria, BC. She and her husband Bill retired from their income tax business in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.
Although Brenda is semi-retired, she will continue to provide affordable, impartial financial advice as well as second opinions on investment portfolios. Since she does not sell any products, such as mutual funds or insurance, she is able to give unbiased advice. Brenda feels that people often don’t get the objectivity they deserve when seeking financial advice. Her diverse business background and keen interest in financial matters have made her a knowledgeable and informed resource.

Brenda has been a contributing editor for Canadian MoneySaver since 2001 and is also part of the "Ask the Experts" section of this magazine.

Brenda MacDonald, CFP,
Independent Financial Counselor,
Victoria, BC


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