Avrom Digance

Avrom is a DIY (Do It Yourself) investor, who started blogging in 2010 about his journey into dividend stocks. After investing in mutual funds for years, and working with a second advisor in 2009 he realized it all came down to fees and commissions. Like most people, the market crash of 2008 and 2009 changed his views about investing and the financial industry. He began to take an active interest in his own investments, switched to a discount brokerage, and started investing on his own. Dividend stock investing was the strategy that made sense for him.

Avrom believes most mutual funds make money for the companies who manage them and the brokers who sell them. Commissions, management expense ratios, trailer fees, and under-performance, leaves little room for profit in the pockets of most investors. Avrom also believes most investors can do much better with low-cost index funds, index ETFs, and quality dividend-paying stocks.

As well as writing for Canadian MoneySaver, Avrom also writes regular articles for Dividend Stocks Online. You can read more of Avrom’s writing on his blog the Dividend Ninja, and learn more about his rants on both dividend investing and index investing. Avrom welcomes discussion, comments, and e-mails from readers.

Avrom Digance
Dividend Ninja