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Canadian MoneySaver Events

Upcoming Canadian MoneySaver activities are described here. The only activities listed are those attended by Peter Hodson and other MoneySaver staff. MoneySaver does not make transcripts, reports or videos available for any of its conferences. Please call (519-772-7632) or e-mail Canadian MoneySaverfor further information.

Past Canadian MoneySaver Events - View the wide range of conferences and other special events hosted by Canadian MoneySaver.  Our future events are listed below.


Canadian MoneySaver Webinar


Peter Hodson

"What we learned in 2015, What to watch out for in 2016 and some stock recommendations!"


Peter Hodson2015 was a most unusual market year, perhaps one of the weirdest ones we have seen in 30 years. We tried to turn it into a positive experience, though, and tried to learn from it. We will outline some specific investment lessons learned in 2015, as well as providing a review of some more investment rules to follow to improve your odds of investment success. In addition, we will run through what you might expect from markets for 2016 and beyond.  We will also provide some stock recommendations.


When:  March 24, 2016

Time:  11am to 1pm EST

Cost:  $3.00+tx.

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