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Canadian MoneySaver Events

Upcoming Canadian MoneySaver activities are described here. The only activities listed are those attended by Peter Hodson and other MoneySaver staff. MoneySaver does not make transcripts, reports or videos available for any of its conferences. Please call (519-772-7632) or e-mail Canadian MoneySaverfor further information.

Past Canadian MoneySaver Events - View the wide range of conferences and other special events hosted by Canadian MoneySaver.  Our future events are listed below.



Webinar with Peter Hodson "Dividends RULE (and Dividend Rules)"

Peter HodsonPeter Hodson details what he has learned over 25 years of stock buying, and what he has gleaned from the many experts he has worked with over the years (including Eric Sprott and David Picton). He will explain how to make money and avoid problems when seeking dividend income in Canada.

When:  Jan 10, 2015

Time:   1pm EST or 10am PACIFIC

Cost:  FREE


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Webinar with Kyle Prevost from the Young and Thrifty

"Save and Invest Your Way to Early Retirement."


Kyle Prevost


If you know grade 9 math and want to retire a millionaire the rest isn't that hard.  Tune in to hear Canadian MoneySaver's personal finance experts talk about how to save and invest your way to success.  You might not get rich quick, but getting rich gradually isn't too bad either!

When:  February 12, 2015

Time:  7:30 pm EST or 4:30 pm Pacific

Cost: FREE


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Webinar with Don Dony from the Technical Spectator


How Economics And Intermarket Ratios Can Aid The Investor


Investors usually lean toward fundamentals for stock selection.  And although they provide a guide to equities, there are often missing components such as economic strength, market direction, the yield curve and the U.S. dollar that add significant bearing to the investor's decision process and potential profit.  In the webinar, I will discuss the importance of recognizing whether the markets are in a commodity or equity cycle, key economic indicators for the investors and the role of the U.S. dollar.  I will also review the significance for sector rotation within the business cycle and several key consumer driven ratios.

When:  Feb 21, 2015

Time:  1pm EST or 10am Pacific

Cost:  FREE


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Join Peter Hodson as he hosts Bill Carrigan and Norm Rothery

for an informative seminar.

Feb 28, 2015



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Join Peter Hodson and Canadian MoneySaver

on the Pacific Dreams Cruise abord Oceania Cruise Lines.

January 25, 2016 to February 4, 2016


Pacific Dreams CruisePacific Dreams CruisePacific Dreams Cruise

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