Are You an Investor or a Speculator?

  1. If your average holding time is measured in days, weeks or months?
  2. If you own stocks worth less than $5.00/share?
  3. If your average dividend yield is less than 1%?
  4. If your opinion of fixed-income investments is that it is for sissies?
  5. If you trade daily or weekly?
  6. If you think index funds are for losers?
  7. If capital losses are an important part of your tax return?
  8. If most of your investments are in one sector?
  9. If you think that utility and financial stocks are boring?
  10. If your biggest holdings are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange?
  11. If most of your investment information comes from chat rooms, television gurus, chart diviners and your Uncle Albert?
  12. If most of your U.S. stocks have 4-letter symbols?
  13. If you are expecting a margin call?
  14. If a day without Maria Bartiroma is like a day without sunshine?
  15. And, finally, if you picked up this magazine only because all the copies of Investor's Business Daily were gone?

You might be a speculator!
Submitted by David Stanley