Funeral Arrangements

Q. What happens if there is an excess of funds after a guaranteed prepaid funeral has been provided?
A. If you prepaid after June 1, 1990 the balance, if any, of the prepayment funds that are in excess of the cost of delivering the services and supplies contracted for must be refunded to the estate. If you prepaid prior to June 1, 1990 the funds will be refunded at the discretion of the funeral establishment.

Q. How are prepaid funds protected?
A. Legislation provides several means for ensuring protection of prepaid funds. At the time of prepayment, the funeral director or transfer service operator must provide the purchaser with a contract, signed by the purchaser and the funeral director, showing clearly the services you have selected and the monies paid. Within 10 days of the investment of the prepaid funds, the funeral establishment operator must deliver to the purchaser an investment receipt from the financial institution where the investment has been held in trust for you.

Source: The Funeral Advisory and Memorial Society (formerly the Toronto Memorial Society), 55 St. Phillips Road, Toronto, Ontario M9P 2N8 (416) 241-6274,