Travel Bargain

My wife and I have been staying at community college residences in various Ontario cities for several years now, ever since the travel bureau in Niagara Falls suggested them to us. The residences are almost all newly constructed and managed by Campus Living Centres. The floor plans for each residence are similar: two bedrooms with a common kitchen (equipped with microwave and refrigerator) and bath. Parking is free or low cost. They usually have free cable TV, Internet and telephone. Breakfast is included for $60-$80, with an additional $10 discount for graduates (and several other groups).

Rooms are readily available during holiday periods and on a limited basis at other times. The central reservation number for the residences is 1-877-225-8664. A complete overview of all the Ontario facilities (14) — and one in Kamloops, BC — is given on their website: The residences are far from luxurious accommodation, but certainly represent good value if you want a convenient location and to cut down on meal costs. And they are lots of fun, if you like to chat with fellow travellers at breakfast!
Robert MacKenzie, Ottawa, Ontario