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Books listed in this online library have been featured in our print edition of Canadian MoneySaver. We provide sufficient information (i.e., author, publisher, ISBN, retail price) so that you may order through the outlet of your choice.

We have organized the books we feature under:

I avoid repeating reviews of annuals, although some are excellent sources. For example, Brian Quinlan, a contributing editor, co-authors a must-read, Tax Tips for Canadians for Dummies. (Where do they get these titles?)

Too many Canadian "authors" have discovered that their book can be an effective business card. Unfortunately, the book's content has little value as many are "copycat" titles and some times penned by a ghost writer. You find little new or practical advice.

Occasionally, we print excerpts from selected titles for your benefit. These passages have a strong, and often unique, message for you.

When a publisher is given space in MoneySaver to "advertise" specific titles in a display ad (see page two), I select the books that are featured. This space is not paid for by the publisher.

I welcome your comments.

Peter Hodson